May 19, 2016

Business Transformation

  • Align business outcomes and results with IT initiatives
  • Implement change management practices that sustain alignment
  • Provide tools and processes that manage the right priorities
  • Build strategy maps meant to be implemented, tracked and measured

Business and IT Strategy Alignment

  • Use technology to support, track, manage, lead or enable your business
  • Create efficiency through smart technology deployment
  • Mitigate risks and cut costs
  • Keep all units working in the same direction

IT Service Management

  • Activate your IT Strategies
  • Enhance internal use of IT
  • Optimize, track and manage customer and user experiences
  • Implement processes and best-practices to achieve service-level goals
  • Provide post-implementation support and maintenance services

Portfolio, Project Management

  • Track, manage and mitigate risks
  • Efficiently allocate resources
  • Manage your opportunity funnel
  • Keep projects on time and on budget

Organizational Culture

  • Mitigate damaging organizational cultures
  • Transition to a culture that supports your organization’s goals
  • Implement strategies to retain positive cultures
  • Implement business practices that support, use, and grown a positive culture

Requirements Management & Development

  • Discovery and collection of strategic, tactical and operational requirements for IT services and solutions
  • Assist organizations to receive competitive bids for needed products and services in a fair and transparent way of soliciting competitive bids
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) / Request for Quote (RFQ) solicitation documentation management and development
  • Manage Vendor evaluations and facilitate strategic decisions, selection and procurement criteria

Maturity Assessments

  • ITIL v2/v3 Service Delivery and Support Processes
  • CoBIT v4/v5 Governance Processes
  • PMBOK Project Management Processes
  • Project Delivery Assessment
  • Customized Survey and Analytical Services
  • Continuous Improvement Programs